Working papers

The Unintended Consequences of Post-Disaster Policies for Spatial Sorting  (with Marcel Henkel and Pierre Magontier) Journal of Political Economy (Revise and Resubmit)

Online shopping and Generational Consumption Inequality (with Hyunbae Chun and Dongyun Yang), Regional Science and Urban Economics (Revise and Resubmit)

The Impacts of Asian Immigrants on School Performance and Local Housing Markets in the U.S. (with Amanda Ang and Siqi Zheng) MIT Center for Real Estate Research Paper (Submitted)

Why Do Improvements in Transportation Infrastructure Reduce the Gender Gap in South Korea? (with Narae Lee)

Work in Progress

The Effect of Targeted Subsidies on Poverty Exposure of Housing Voucher Recipients: Evidence from the Small-Area Fair Market Rents (w/ Mike Eriksen, Guoyang Yang) Draft Coming Soon!

Zoning and the Density of Urban Development  (with Matt Delventhal, Andrii Parkhomenko, and Jaehee Song

Peer-reviewed Publication

Migration, Labor Markets, and Housing, Handbook of Labor, Human Resources and Population Economics, 2023 [pdf]

JUE Insights: How Do Cities Change When We Work from Home? (with Matt Delventhal, Andrii Parkhomenko) , Journal of Urban Economics, 2022

Learning with Differing-Ability Peers: Evidence from a Natural Experiment in South Korea (with Seungwoo Chin), The B.E. Journal of Economic Analysis and Policy, 2022

The Effect of Super Supermarket on the Entry and Exit of Retail Stores in Korea (with Hyunbae Chun), Korean Economic Review, 2016 (in Korean)

Non-academic Writings

What Will Become of our Cities if Work-from-home Truly Becomes the New Normal?  University of Barcelona, Institut d'Economia de Barcelona, IEB Report 2021/1. (Editor: Jordi Jore-Monseny, Elisabet Viladecans-Marsal)

Zoning and the Density of Urban Development (with Andrii Parkhomenko, Matthew J Delventhal), Pacific Southwest Region 9 UTC, 2020/8/31

Harmonization of Cross-National Studies of Aging to the Health and Retirement Study – User Guide: Physical and Anthropometric Measurement (with Peifeng Hu) CESR Reports, Report No. 2018-001, Jan 2018

What Happens when Affordable Housing Comes to my Back Yard: Evidence from Los Angeles (with Rashad Ahmed, Andreas Aristidou, and Matthew E. Kahn